USA :- USS Harry S. Truman Returns From Sea Trials After 10 Months of Repairs ::

The US aircraft carrier renowned in the Navy for supporting more than 2,000 sorties - and aircraft that dropped 819 tons of bombs - during an eight-month deployment ending in July 2016, returned to her home base on Tuesday at Norfolk Naval Shipyard after completing sea trials.

The USS Harry S. Truman has been undergoing maintenance work for 10 months.

The Nimitz-class carrier departed Virginia for five days of trials on July 21. After being tested “from stem to stern,” the carrier docked on Tuesday morning, Captain Ryan Scholl told The Virginian-Pilot.

Sea trials included “completing a number of evolutions, including small boat recoveries, testing Aqueous Film-Forming Foam sprinkler systems, high-speed turns, catapult testing and a simulated replenishment-at-sea alongside USNS Medgar Evers,” the Navy said Tuesday.

Repair costs had not been disclosed to the public as of Tuesday, but the ship had a ton of work done to get it ready for combat. The aircraft carrier’s nuclear reactors alone were saw nearly 4,500 individual repairs, according to Stars and Stripes

Commanders boasted about the resiliency the carrier displayed at sea and what it means for the large US fleet. "This isn't just a win for Truman. It's a win for our Navy and a win for our country,” Rear Adm. Bruce Lindsey said in an announcement. “It means our carrier force, and our fleet as a whole, is more ready to deliver sea control and combat striking power anywhere, anytime,” Lindsey added.

The ship’s next deployment is slated for the spring of 2018.


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