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Russian fighter jets intercept U.S. F-22 Raptor flying over Syria

A Su-35S air-superiority fighter jet of Russia’s Aerospace Force has intercepted and visually identified the U.S. F-22 Raptor Raptor combat aircraft flying over Syria.
A photographs posted by unofficial Russia’s military pilot Instagram account on 24 September has confirmed an intercept of the U.S. F-22 Raptor Raptor combat aircraft by the Russian Su-35S fighter jet.

Photographs, made by the infrared search and track fire control system of the Russian Su-35S, shows in infrared spectrum an F-22 Raptor fighter jet flying over Syria.

The Su-35S infrared search and track system called the OLS-35 and includes an infrared sensor, laser rangefinder, target designator and television camera. This system to determine the general position of aircraft within a fifty-kilometer radius—potentially quite useful for detecting stealth aircraft, such as F-22, at shorter ranges.
The systems scans the airspace ahead of the jet for heat signatures caused by aircraft engines and/or plane’s surface friction…

Saudi Arabia has reduced the order in Canada for armored vehicles LAV 700

As reported on September 10, 2018 Canadian TV company SHS, referring to its producer documents, Saudi Arabia has reduced the order for wheeled armored vehicles LAV 700, purchased from the Canadian branch of the corporation General Dynamics Lands Systems (GDLS Canada) in the framework of a huge contract, concluded in February 2014. According to the publication, the contract was changed at the initiative of the Saudi side in the second half of 2016 and now provides for the supply of Saudi Arabia only 742 armored vehicles LAV 700 with the wheel formula 8x8 instead of 928, originally planned (in the message the SAF of the car is not quite accurately called LAV 6).

Recall that in the mega-contract, concluded in February 2014 by the Canadian state-owned foreign trade corporation Canadian Commercial Corporation with the Saudi Arabia government, the latter acquired 928 armored vehicles LAV 700, specially designed by GDLS Canada for Saudi requirements. A contract worth 15 billion Canadian doll…