INDIA / RUSSIA :- Russian-Indian army group to destroy armed unit at Indra 2017 drills ::

A scenario for Indra 2017 ground drill says that the joint Russian-Indian army group will set up a humanitarian corridor, cordon off a designated area and suppress "illegal armed units," the Eastern Military District’s press service said.

"The scenario for practical part of the ground drill at the joint Russian-Indian military exercise Indra 2017 has been determined.

The joint group is expected to train search and rescue operations, to seal off the designated area, to have tactical airborne troops landed, to work out the creation of a humanitarian corridor and to destroy illegal armed units," the statement says.

The Indra 2017 ground drill will engage motorized infantry companies; tank detachments; mortar, self-propelled artillery and rocket artillery batteries; air defense, intelligence and CBRN defense units. Nearly 700 troops will take part in the exercise on each side.

The practical phase of the drills is planned to be held at the Sergeyevsky firing range in the Russian Far Eastern region.


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