RUSSIA :- Russian Army Uses P-230T Command Vehicle With Video Link for 1st Time at Drills ::

Russia's Airborne Forces have for the first time used the advanced P-230T command vehicle ensuring video communication between the troops and their commanders during military exercises in the country's northwestern Pskov Region, Airborne Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Nikolai Ignatov said Wednesday.
The official added that the command vehicles entered service with the troops in June.
"The newest P-230T command vehicle on the basis of the Tigr [armored] vehicle, allowing to provide the command post of the Airborne Forces' commander with secured communications in video conference mode with the commanders of battalions and divisions on the battlefield, has been used for the first time during the active phase of the Airborne Forces' drills in Pskov Region," Ignatov told reporters.
According to Ignatov, P-230T is capable of providing the troops with video communications both in motion and in stationary modes.


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