NATO / USA :- US-Led Saber Guardian 17 Drills to Take Place in Europe on July 11-20

US Army Europe-led Saber Guardian 17 military drills kick off on Tuesday and will last until July 20.

Saber Guardian multinational exercise is hosted by Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, with more than 25,000 service members from 22 allied and partner nations participating in the drills.

According to US Army Europe, around 25,000 troops will participate in the joint collaboration from July 11 until July 20.

The goal of the biggest Black Sea Region exercise is to serve as a "premier training event" for troops to "improve interoperability under a unified command." This year's event will be the biggest ever in terms of scale and scope: ultimately, the US Army seeks to showcase "the ability to mass forces at any given time anywhere in Europe."

The drills risk exacerbating tensions already simmering between Washington and Moscow.


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