Russia, Peru in Talks on Modernization of MiG-29 Fighter Jets

The Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG is discussing with the Peruvian Air Force the modernization of batch of MiG-29 multirole fighters to keep them in service for another 15 years, the corporation's press service said.
"In the period between 2008 and 2015, the MiG corporation modernized eight MiG-29 aircraft of the Peruvian Air Force, upgrading them to the MiG-29SM version. There is a plan to eventually modernize another batch of aircraft so that these jets with sophisticated combat capabilities may be used by the Peruvian Air Force for at least another 15 years," the statement read.
It also specified that a meeting between the MiG corporation's leadership and a Peruvian Air Force delegation took place earlier on Thursday during which a familiarization flight of MiG-29M2 multirole fighter was carried out.
MiG-29SM multirole fighter has improved airborne avionics and enhanced an nomenclature of high precision weapons capable to destroy both air and ground targets.


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