🇷🇺 Russian 🇷🇺 super-gun "Malka"

One hundred and ten kilograms of steel and explosives - such "gifts" 203-millimeter self-propelled gun 2C7M "Malka" can be sent by dozens deep into the enemy's rear. The other day the artillerymen of the Eastern Military District struck at positions of the conventional enemy from a distance of 30 kilometers. The fire of the most powerful guns was corrected with the help of unmanned vehicles Orlan-10. All educational objectives are destroyed.

Canon of the Apocalypse

Although the world fashion for powerful guns passes, experts are sure that the Russian "Malki" has a good potential. Actively-reactive projectile 3VOF35 she throws at 47.5 kilometers, which is comparable to the range of tactical missiles.

In addition to the usual, "Malka" is capable of using two types of nuclear munitions "Kleveshchina" and "Sapling" with a capacity of about two kilotons in TNT equivalent. SAU 2S7M "Malka" - development of self-propelled plant 2S7 "Peony". It is believed that this weapon was first created just for shooting "special ammunition."

One such projectile can destroy the stronghold of the US motorized infantry battalion. At the same time, the car is mobile enough: the speed along the highway is up to 50 kilometers per hour, the engine resource is calculated for eight to ten thousand kilometers. The rate of fire is one and a half guns per minute.

"Certainly, such systems have a future," Viktor Murakhovsky, editor-in-chief of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, told RIA Novosti. "Their combat potential will be developed through the use of corrective ammunition, not only with a laser guidance system." Thanks to a fuze with a controlled aerodynamic effect it is possible to reduce the circular probable deviation of the projectile to five to seven meters. In addition, cluster munitions with self-targeting elements are used in such weapons. Rodiniky shells, some types of ammunition are equipped with bottom gas generators, increasing the range by twenty to thirty percent. " 

Asymmetric Answer 

The demand for Malki is growing today for another reason. In recent years, the US has been increasingly voicing plans to reduce the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons and to adopt low-yield nuclear weapons. The rate is primarily made for aviation bombs, low-powered warheads for cruise and ballistic missiles, shells. However, according to experts, the nuclear rhetoric of the Americans is only an attempt to exert pressure on Russia, the Pentagon is unlikely to decide on the combat use of low-power nuclear warheads.

"Americans are not the first to talk about lowering the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons," Viktor Murakhovsky said, "but Russia has repeatedly stated that any use of nuclear weapons will be perceived by us as a nuclear attack with all the ensuing consequences." The draws at the command post exercises showed: If a small-scale nuclear weapon is used, the conflict will expand in a few hours to a strategic exchange of nuclear strikes. "

Therefore, the most probable tasks of heavy artillery of the Russian army, as before, are the destruction of command posts, troops in concentration areas and artillery of the enemy by conventional ammunition. For comparison, the 203-mm high-explosive fragmentary Malki is more than twice as heavy as its nearest 155 mm American M107 projectile, the mass of explosives is 17.8 kilograms against six in the American.

Serious Argument 

The caliber of 203 millimeters today is the largest in land artillery. The most massive artillery "heavyweight" in the world is the American self-propelled M110, which managed to "nashtampovat" more than a thousand. The US and its allies abandoned this ACS in the 1990s in connection with the transition to a single NATO artillery standard caliber 155 millimeters. Meanwhile, the weapon continues to be used by Greece, Israel, Pakistan, South Korea. The last time the M110 was used by the Turks in March 2018 to fire the Kurdish positions in Africa (Syria).

The most impressive artillery calibers boast military seamen. American battleships of the "Iowa" type are armed with 406-millimeter guns, the most powerful weapons in the world. Four such ships were transferred to the status of museums, but the Americans are able to quickly return them to the fleet. In Russia, the largest caliber is the 30th armored turret battery of 305-millimeter guns. Officially they are mothballed, however gunners regularly conduct routine maintenance.


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