It will Take 500 US missiles to intercept Russian ICBM "Sarmat"

To intercept the Sarmat ICBM, at least 500 US anti-missiles are needed, RIA Novosti chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Bondarev said.

"This is the conclusion of Western experts." Dagger "along with its carrier is also immune to enemy weapons, while it is guaranteed to hit any given targets," he said.

Earlier, the New York Times quoted an anonymous high-ranking official as saying that Trump, in a telephone conversation, had informed Russian President Vladimir Putin of his concern about Russian weapons developments that could exceed US remedies.

Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly on March 1 spoke about the new types of strategic weapons that came to Russia's disposal. Thus, the strategic nuclear forces included 80 new intercontinental ballistic missiles, 102 ballistic missile submarines and three strategic missile submarines "Borey". In the message, Putin also demonstrated the test frames of the missile complex with the planning wing unit, showed the Russian missile with the nuclear power installation and the Sarmat complex.


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